Company Overview

South Bay Partners is entering its third decade of delivering superior quality senior housing communities to its clients, our residents and our investors.

We understand that we are in the business of taking care of seniors. It is our responsibility to stay on the leading edge of new building design as well as to partner with operating companies that continue to provide safe, quality, state of the art care.

The company also strives to excel in delivery of superior financial returns to our investors and partners. We have delivered consistent and real returns to our investors over the course of our development program. We have served both private and institutional equity partners and have repeatedly demonstrated successful financial returns in excess of projections.

South Bay has earned its reputation and thrived in this business due to its ability 1) to identify viable development markets and sites within those markets through our own internal market analysis, 2) to bring together the numerous parties necessary to bring a new facility to fruition including the debt and equity financing, the right operating partner for the geographic market and product type, the necessary regulatory approvals and the appropriate construction team, 3) to conservatively underwrite the financial projections to a level that increases the likelihood that projections will be met or exceeded, and 4) to deliver developments on time and on budget. 

Given the depth of our experience in finding and delivering viable new senior housing communities in markets around the country, we are also well qualified to serve as a key acquisition and redevelopment partner for existing senior housing communities that need to be strategically repositioned. We were hired for such an assignment by Goldman Sachs on behalf of the Whitehall Real Estate Funds and Horizon Bay Senior Communities for the 10 redevelopment assets listed on our project listing. The job entailed the assessment and recommendation on the proper strategic repositioning for the assets, and then the complete redevelopment follow through including team assembly, scope determination, design, budgeting, construction phasing, execution and final delivery.

Mission Statement

South Bay Partners is committed to acting with integrity and professionalism in everything we do, and with that approach, to delivering superior, viable senior housing facilities to the communities and residents we serve and solid, demonstrable, practical investment returns to our financial partners and investors.